Psychotherapy with Children
and Adolescents

Understanding and treating the problems of children and adolescents has always been central to my professional life. My doctoral research was in the area of adolescent development and I headed up a child treatment team for many years. My work as a neuropsychologist principally involves evaluation of cognitive problems in childhood. My specialty in child development has lead to my appointment as an expert witness in Family and Supreme Court.

Evaluation of problems of childhood and adolescence involves:

  • A careful diagnosis of a child’s issues, coordinating information from parents, teachers, guidance counselors, and pediatricians.  
  • Treatment plans often involve a combination of individual and family psychotherapy, as well as conjunctive services such as psychological testing, tutoring or social skills groups.   
  • Psychotherapy with younger children generally utilizes play as a vehicle for the child to express themselves. My offices are equipped with a range of creative material that a child can use to communicate and resolve inner conflicts.  Parent sessions are held regularly  to set up structured interventions at home and in school, such as  behavioral modification program.

Adolescence can be a highly tumultuous life phase and teenagers often benefit from a safe relationship with an adult where they can explore the conflicts and decisions with which they are faced. Teenagers are often more willing to do this with a therapist than with a parent because the relationship is less charged and without fear of punishment.  A therapist can also help ease tensions which often arise between parents and teenagers.

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